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The Covid-19 pandemic hit the job market hard but opened up opportunities in sectors that were not well-explored before. With companies realizing the potential of e-commerce and digital platforms, they decided to invest more into online modes of marketing. Marketers also realigned themselves with the changing patterns of consumption and embraced digital marketing. In the… Read more »


15 Reasons Why Entrepreneur Should Study Digital Marketing in 2021? Faded are those days when you could set up a local business in town and generate heavy ROI with diligent, determination, administrative & financial management skills. With time and advancement in technology, entrepreneurship has also evolved. Today, an entrepreneur needs to obtain knowledge about the… Read more »

Affiliate Marketing Course-Digiacharya

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Affiliate marketing is a form of product promotion in which one recommends another to buy an online product and getting paid for the sale.The trending marketing style is playing a vibrant role in today’s digital marketing sector. Affiliate marketing offers great scope for digital marketers to make a regular income, even sitting in the comfort… Read more »

Role of Google Adwords in building leads and customers

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The marketing world has witnessed a drastic change in recent years and Google AdWords is one of the platforms lead to this transformation. Google AdWords is the most successful technique of paid online advertising. The advertising system is used by almost all kinds of organizations to promote products and services. To be specific, Google AdWords… Read more »

SEO Guide to Google adsense

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AdSense is a Google product allowing display of contextual ads on a blog. It is considered as one of the best monetization ad networks available for a website or blog.People who are interested in blogging are making thousands of dollars every day using only Google AdSense.It is a general doubt that whether one should know… Read more »

social media


Social media offers your business the great opportunity to boost your brand off to all the targeted people. Social media permits you to get connected with your customers for free using media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube,LinkedIn, and so on, boosting your brand exposure by creating content your customers wish to read and interact… Read more »

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Arrays of innovations are introducing to the digital world every day. To cope up with the competitions in the digital realm, the existing techniques are always getting advanced and updated. The recent updates on Google algorithm are completely to boost the optimization of websites and to improve the search engine rankings. To deal with a… Read more »

          Search Engine Optimization(SEO)   

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is widely used by almost all kinds of business for increasing their ranking on search engines. SEO is expected to outdo all other marketing tactics in the coming years. Companies are in dire need of SEO professionals and the demand is steadily increasing. Many of us have heard the word SEO… Read more »