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Digital marketing is the sum of online strategies and techniques that a company uses to identify, build and target its audience. This mode of marketing has replaced the traditional ways of marketing. Companies now use technology to find their target audience. This is one reason why some articles come on top when you search for something on the Internet and others don’t.

The current generation of youngsters is well versed in these digital marketing trends. They are well aware that digital will get only bigger in the days to come and that is where all the jobs lie. Hence, most youngsters who have an interest in fields like marketing, analysis and process development are interested in building a career in digital marketing.

In this blog, we will explore the scope of digital marketing, the career path and the job opportunities. 


What is Digital Marketing All About


Digital marketing is all about advertising done through digital channels. It may be through websites, social media platforms, via email and on mobile apps. The scope of digital marketing is vast and marketers are constantly exploring ways to innovate and find ways of reaching their target audience through new and sometimes unusual means.

Digital marketers now have the challenge of arriving at strategies required to achieve their true potential. One of the most popular methods is engagement marketing. Customers are engaged in a digital landscape with meaningful interactions. In this method, the marketer creates awareness about the brand and then places the consumer at the forefront.

Digital marketers work on the basis of data collected from customers. This allows them to arrive at consumer behaviour patterns. It has been found that companies with omnichannel customer engagement can retain more customers than otherwise. Social media has also emerged as an excellent tool for digital marketers.


Why are Freshers More Inclined Towards a Digital Marketing Course?


A large number of freshers are increasingly opting for digital marketing courses. While this is an exciting branch of study for most, it also offers a vast scope of job opportunities. Let us look at some of the key reasons for this trend.

  1. Extensive Career Options: Digital marketing opens up several career options as well as interesting job profiles like email marketing specialist or a social media expert. With each passing day, various innovations are happening in the field of digital marketing.
  2. High skill development: A digital marketing program helps you ace skills like analyzing situations, conducting market research and using your creativity to come up with innovative solutions. These skills help professionals to stand out in any field. The digital marketing programs equip students to excel in this field as well as many others.
  3. Highly-paid jobs: Digital marketers are sought-after by most companies and conglomerates. They are hired on high packages. This is lucrative for most freshers as beginning one’s career with a satisfactory pay scale usually ensures that you will draw good salaries throughout.
  4. Cost and time effective: Digital marketing programs are usually courses of short duration and can be taken as a supplement to the graduate program. It is also a cheaper option as compared to MBA and law programs. These programs are also completed within 6 to 8 months.
  5. Freelance option: Many digital marketers have been around in the field for long and now want to work on their terms. They take up freelancing options and provide their services on a consultation basis. This kind of system allows them to explore various kinds of assignments while giving them the freedom of creating solutions without restrictions. 


Scope of Digital Marketing


Digital marketing has become a necessity rather than an option in today’s day and age. The fun is that digital marketing has found a wide scope through innovations and trials of different platforms. Businesses employ various methods to target customers and even expand their audience base.

Some of the tried-and-tested modes have been Paid Search, Organic Search, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Webinars, and Podcasts. However, we have now discovered several new avenues to make the most of this form of marketing.

Analytics: Marketers keep a track of the numbers that each campaign has garnered. They conduct real-time analysis to experiment with content and utilize the results further.

Social Media Influencers: Advertisers rope in these personalities to build a personal connect with the audiences. This also works on the principles of consumer trust. It has emerged that consumers tend to believe what these influencers endorse more than celebrities.

Videos: Marketers believe videos still have a higher draw among buyers. It can capture the attention span for a longer duration.

New age techniques: With the advancement in technologies, marketers are going for several tools. Some of these are Artificial Intelligence, Augmented and Virtual Reality, and Omnichannel Marketing.  


Career Path in the Digital Marketing Industry


A digital marketing degree can open up several job opportunities. You can start building this career by securing a bachelor’s or master’s degree in the same. Let’s look at some of the common job options in this field.

User Experience Analyst: This position requires you to design websites that can be easily navigated between screens. Companies need to make easy-to-load interfaces and that is where this role comes into play.

Content Writer: Content is king and it continues to be the most important component of the digital marketing zone. Writers are required to create landing page content that helps consumers to trust the brand and its products or services. 

SEO Optimization Executive: Digital marketing depends to a large extent on the optimization of keywords. This is how brands appear in the search results. This is how search engines make use of algorithms. Brands use a variety of strategies to achieve desired results.

Social Media Marketer: This person needs to manage a company’s presence across social networks and also execute a social media strategy. This includes tracking trends, creating content and ensuring that it is delivered across platforms.


Why You Must Pursue a Course from DigiAcharya?


DigiAcharya’s Digital Marketing program has been designed in such a way that it makes you capable of overcoming the challenges of the industry. The course caters to both professionals and entrepreneurs. The syllabus covers all the latest market tactics and techniques. This program will also help business managers to grow their online presence.

The course provides up-to-date knowledge in digital marketing. It covers the following modules:

  • Web content creation
  • Email marketing
  • Web Analytics
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Online Media Buying
  • Affiliate and Adsense Marketing.


Enroll for Certification in Digital Marketing


We have thus understood that digital marketing has become an integral part of our businesses and is a good career path as well. Certification in digital marketing is bound to give you an edge in the job market. So, why wait any further. Check out DigiAcharya’s digital marketing programs and register yourself now on

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