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COVID-19, the most feared pandemic of the 21st century has come to us as a blessing in disguise; where it has affected numerous sectors such as: travel, tourism, and real-estate – it has opened new doors for the world of digital marketing. The scope of digital marketing is continuously increasing amid the pandemic and the top recruiters as well as HRs are constantly looking for certified digital marketers because they understand the value of such professionals; they are like an asset to an organization because they have all the desired skills and knowledge to become the best fit for an organization. 


Due to COVID-19, mostly all businesses have adopted digital marketing strategies in their respective organization because traditional marketing concepts are not working anymore. People are spending more time on their smart devices and thus they are becoming a prospect for a particular business. Via digital marketing strategies, an enterprise or an SMB can target those prospects or potential buyers and make them a customer or client for their business thus increasing their revenue.


Did you know – the growth rate of digital marketing in India was approximately 12% in 2016, 14% in 2017–18, and about 24%-37% is expected to grow by 2020–2021? So, the time is high if you are thinking to start a career in this niche. Don’t waste time and get enrolled in a reputed and professional digital marketing training institute to learn the basics and advanced concepts of digital marketing such as Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Google Adwords, Pay per Click, and more. 


In this blog, we are going to cover a lot on the various scope and aspects of digital marketing such as: why digital marketing is important in COVID-19, why it is important to learn digital marketing in the pandemic, and more. So, without any further ado, let us start with: 


Why Digital Marketing is Important in COVID-19?

COVID-19 has impacted numerous businesses and 65% of brands reported a decrease in revenue; this is huge. Digital marketing has become so much important in COVID-19 because due to safety reasons everyone is staying at their homes and are not coming out to buy the things they are always used to by following the traditional rules. People have shifted towards online shopping – even groceries are being delivered online which is revolutionary; not only in big and metropolitan cities but the trend has been adapted to Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities as well. 

One of the best factors of digital marketing is as compared to traditional marketing – digital marketing channels are highly interactive and engaging in nature. The online platform can generate instant feedback in the form of reviews, ratings, likes, views, clicks, comments, conversions, and other actions; with all these a business will come to know that the prospects are admiring their products or services and are interested to buy them. 

With traditional marketing, the desired messages used to get broadcast to a wide range of audience with fewer options to narrow down the target – there were no metrics to calculate how much revenue a company has made via traditional marketing, and also businesses were unaware of the fact that a particular campaign has reached to how many potential customers; all these can be easily overcome via digital marketing which has become the need of the moment as everyone is at their home and browsing their smart devices more than ever. 

So, in short, digital marketing allows myriads of businesses to select their target audience and display custom messages. These messages can easily resonate with them as well as their requirements and have the power to encourage them to take the desired action – such as the purchase or filling up a form. This type of customization always produces better marketing results for any business; no matter they are an enterprise or a mid-level organization. You will be glad to know that amidst tough times like these, social media platforms have become one of the best means for people to stay in touch with their loved ones that include brands as well. 

Social media is helping to connect with people who are present outside their homes in a safe way. Did you know almost every social media platform has encountered a significant increase in its user activity over the last few months? And yes, the reason is COVID-19! Some businesses were super-quick to notice the trend and grabbed the opportunity to render the digital users with meaningful and engaging content during the crises which were highly relatable to a particular netizen. 

Out of several digital marketing tactics and trends, a few have emerged as winners as they were able to attract most customers and they are:

  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Google Ads

Why it is important to learn Digital Marketing in Pandemic Time?

Learning digital marketing has become more crucial than ever because it has become the modern tool of survival in the highly competitive market. Digital marketing makes you future-ready and your career becomes recession-proof as industry pioneers and experts say that digital marketing is here to stay – in the imminent as well as distant future and the skills of a professional digital marketer will never go out of fashion. Learning digital marketing opens numerous doors of opportunities for an aspiring student and they can choose any one of them as per their choice of interest. 

Certification in digital marketing can do wonders for you! You can boost your employability as well as credibility if you have a certification in your hand because, with this, an employer will know that you possess all the required skills and knowledge in this domain. You can climb the ladder of success quicker than your peers – for example, a certified professional will take only 4-5 years to reach a higher and managerial position in an organization whereas a non-certified professional will take at least 8-9 years to reach such positions. 

You will get promotions quicker than your contemporaries and thus improve the scope of job portability in your career. Certification also encourages life-long learning and professional development in a candidate. They know the latest trends of digital marketing and thus they can explore what is happening in various industries and prepare themselves to excel in the real-time scenario. Learning digital marketing is also easy as it doesn’t require technical skills – you just have to be observant and need to know a few tools that will help you to get the job done. 

Now, let us see in details why it is important to learn digital marketing in pandemic time in detail:

  1. Start Your Own Business: Digital marketing can help you become an entrepreneur because by learning this domain you will have an idea about business – how to rank it, how to attract more customers, and how to exceed them via digital marketing efforts. You will have an idea of multiple tools and platforms and you can utilize them all to achieve your business goals. 
  2. Variety of Career Opportunities: By learning digital marketing you can opt to become a digital marketer, PPC expert, social media manager, content writer, graphics designer, business development executive, and more. You will have ample opportunities paved right ahead of you and by choosing one you can embark on a journey towards a rewarding career. 
  3. Know Your Customers Very Well: Digital marketing can help you to know your customers and by knowing their habits and preferences you can meet their demands easily. Digital marketing can help you get in touch with your customers and if they have any issues you will be able to resolve them in real-time. 
  4. Learn Something New Every Day: Digital marketing can help you learn something new every day and thus your skills and knowledge will always stay relevant with any industry or the present market. With digital marketing, you can reduce the costs of your brand’s promotion, target the most appropriate audience, and measure the progress your organization is making, and more. You can also boost your company’s presence online via SEO strategies that you will learn via digital marketing. 
  5. Know How to Overcome Complex Challenges: With digital marketing, you can easily overcome complex challenges such as – ranking your website in a better way on search engines, better sales of your product or services, market as per your budget, and more. These are impossible if an organization has only employed traditional marketing strategies because tracking and analysis are impossible for anyone to record via traditional marketing. 
  6. Become a Contributing Part of an Organization: With digital marketing, you can get in the good books of your employer because with your skills you will be helping them to reach their business goals and boost their revenue. You will be a member of the important meetings and discussions of an organization and you can advise them to change or optimize the way of marketing thanks to the knowledge you will possess after thoroughly studying digital marketing.  
  7. Know How to Stay Ahead of Competition: With digital marketing, you can easily eliminate competition and stay ahead of your peers. Know how to rank better on Google and thus boost your sales. Ranking better on search engines also boost the trust and confidence of your customers in your brand or business thus they become an evangelist of your brand and spread good things about your company via word-of-mouth publicity. 

So, now you know the importance of learning digital marketing during COVID-19. With digital marketing, you can always stay ready for the future and become a winning professional who has all the skills that top recruiters are always looking for in a candidate Take control of tomorrow and choose a job profile from several career opportunities by learning digital marketing. If you want to become an entrepreneur – you can make your dream come true by learning all the aspects of digital marketing. 

Remember, it is never too late to learn digital marketing, so if you are thinking to learn digital marketing then start now and become a top-class professional. Develop various necessary skills and inspire others to follow in your footsteps. Set benchmarks and raise the bar with the help of digital marketing. Get selected in top MNCs of the world and help them fulfil their business goals by boosting their website traffic and sales. Know your customers and exceed their expectations via digital marketing tactics. 

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