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How Google Analytics helps in Digital Marketing

Google Analytics is one of the hottest tools in digital marketing training and if it hasn’t been a part of your digital marketing strategy, it’s time to get familiar with this widely used tool. From giving you insights on your digital marketing strategy, to pointing out even the tiniest aspect of your marketing campaigns, here’s how Google Analytics helps you get more out of your digital marketing campaigns.

Great Insights

Google Analytics gives you great insights on your website’s performance, which helps you check the efficiency of your digital marketing campaigns. The number of users visiting your website, average session duration and bounce rate are some of the info you get from Google Analytics.

Focus on what matters

Audience, Behaviour, and Acquisition are three important aspects for a marketer which deals with audience details, their interaction with your website, and on how they got to your website. Google Analytics helps you learn which aspect needs more attention so that you can focus on it. At DigiAcharya, you get a holistic digital marketing training through our digital marketing courses that can help you analyze these aspects.

Knowing your channel

Google Analytics lets you know which channel drives the most traffic to your website, and also the least performing channels. Some common channels are direct, organic, paid, referred, email and social media. A real-world SEO training, like the one we provide at our digital marketing institute, can help optimize all channels.

Knowing your audience

You get to know the age, gender, location and preferences of your audience with the help of Google Analytics. By applying what you learned from your digital marketing courses, you can boost your sales through this target audience.

Choosing right content

Google Analytics lets you know the most visited pages of your website so that you can improve the content of other pages. DigiAcharya’s SEO training is effective in creating optimized content for all of your website pages. As you can see, Google Analytics helps you cover some of the important aspects of digital marketing. At DigiAcharya’s digital marketing institute, we coach you to efficiently use such tools to make more out of your digital marketing campaigns.

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