Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing has been a blessing to both B2B and B2C in recent times. However, the scope and strategy of digital marketing vary in both B2B and B2C. It is quite important for a digital marketer to know how the marketing strategy differs in both these segments.

Digital Marketing In B2B (Business to Business)

When it comes to B2B, the marketing strategy should be product-centric rather than banking on the emotional factors that lead a customer to buy the product. Mostly because, in B2B, buying or selling decision are taken logically and strategically as opposed to other factors. B2B buyers are always thinking about the benefits and features of the product, and hence your marketing campaign must focus more on the details and data of the product or service. Charting a digital marketing strategy for B2B is not that easy and professionals who have taken their fair share of digital marketing training from premier digital marketing institutes, like DigiAcharya, are quite high in demand.

Digital marketing In B2C (Business to Consumer)

With B2C, the decision for a purchase is driven by personal preferences, interests and emotional factors of the consumer. The marketing is more consumer-centric and the consumer will not be interested in lengthy product descriptions devoid of rich multimedia. The call-to-action you send the consumer must be simple yet connecting. Compared to B2B, the buying process is shorter in B2C. So, connect with the audience instantly through your digital marketing campaigns and focus on areas where they can be easily found through mobile marketing, SEO, and other internet marketing methods all of which you can learn from the best, at DigiAcharya’s digital marketing institute. With more marketing methods rising each day, digital marketing in B2B and B2C segments is expected to find new grounds to play out. Be prepared with DigiAcharya.

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