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AdSense is a Google product allowing display of contextual ads on a blog. It is considered as one of the best monetization ad networks available for a website or blog.People who are interested in blogging are making thousands of dollars every day using only Google AdSense.It is a general doubt that whether one should know SEO to work AdSense. SEO is not directly promoting advertising since it is opposite to the concept ‘great content’.But by knowing SEO one can easily use Adsense as the major strategy of marketing.


Filling your page with ads cannot increase the search rating because the users won’t connect with the content. Bad AdSense performance will lessen your Ad rankings.Even though you are already practicing AdSense, you should still perform SEO strategies to ensure organic rankings. The following factors relate an SEO with Google AdSense:


Layouts: Customize your web layouts for ads such a way that the advertisements do not push content below the fold.These types of the layout will safeguard your content no matter what kind of ad you run on the website. Create SEO contents for your audience and make sure they are placed in precedence than ads.


Ranking Factor: Adsense shows a slightly negative impact Onpage rankings and thus SEO is important to hold the website in the top line. Google recently started to downgrade pages that display disturbing ads on mobiles since they give a poorer experience to users. Make sure your ads are improved for a user-friendly experience.


Unique content at footprintsKeep the ratio of unique content high at the footprint of websites. It helps you to avoid penalties over content.


Future Proof Your Ads: Algorithm changes can happen at any time, so be prepared and future-proof your ads to avoid drawbacks and decrease in ratings.


Go for ideas other than CTR: CTR is sure a smart way to increase Ad Revenue, but not that good in terms of SEO. Higher click-through rates give webmasters motivation to place ads above content. But it can affect the rating of a website. From an SEO point of view, it is nice to optimize other factors like coverage, Impressions etc. to your blog for long-term advantages.


If you’re producing great content and promoting it the right way, then your pageviews will soar. If you are decided to go for a trial, step into DigiAcharya to study the technicalities of SEO and then sell your blog ad space for top dollar.

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