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The word Marketing is derived from the Latin word ‘mercatus’ that means marketplace or merchant. In the modern context, marketing is simply telling consumers about a product or service. Marketing can be done in various ways — through word of mouth, by physically visiting households, pamphlets or printed material and advertisements.

Marketing done on online platforms is called digital marketing. It can be done through various modes like social media posts, email marketing, content marketing and social media optimization. The scope of digital marketing has increased manifold since the pandemic-induced restrictions have come into effect.

With a majority of people remaining indoors, the avenues of marketing got restricted and this forced brands to shift to digital modes of marketing. Digital marketing is dominated by tools like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Voice Search Engine Optimization.    

Further in this blog, we will cover the scope of digital marketing, why digital marketing is a flourishing career option and what are the best courses for the same.


What is Digital Marketing All About?


Businesses across the world have reported better turnover, thanks to digital marketing. It has a wider reach and can be deployed on multiple platforms. Moreover, the increase in the number of internet users has directly propelled the scope of digital marketing. Digital marketing helps you build a brand name and improve your Return of Investment or what is more popularly called the ROI. It helps a brand to appear more frequently in the top searches. Above all, digital marketing has turned into a lucrative career option since every brand is now going big on digital.

There is no doubt that TV has a mass audience but digital has proved to be the best medium to reach a global audience. A campaign can be launched in four countries at the same time. This form of marketing has a great scope to deliver targeted results and even alter the mode of communication as per the consumer’s tastes.

The digital medium allows you to collect real-time data about how a particular campaign has performed in the market. This is not possible with the marketing on TV and Print. Social media is a great way to understand the pulse of your audience. You can alter your marketing strategies as per the reactions on various social media platforms. Brands have been able to quick damage control when some of the campaigns backfire. It also allows brands to come up with quick marketing options when there is the opportunity to be part of a big social event, for instance, a big sporting tournament win or achievement in space technology.


What is Scope of Digital Marketing?


An increasing number of brands are roping in digital marketing promotions as part of their marketing strategies. This is directly linked to the exponential increase in the number of smartphone users and more generally the boom in the spread and reach of the Internet. This is why companies are now forming teams to strengthen their online presence.

Let us look at how digital marketing is utilized in today’s times.

  • B2B: B2B marketers make use of social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter to spread the word to their target audiences using PPC or Pay-Per-Click campaigns.
  • B2C: B2C marketers create brand awareness on social media platforms so that potential customers could be drawn towards the company website or the products.
  • Paid Search: Establishments use marketing services by which search engines like Google are paid a fee so that when a consumer types a keyword the said company’s product shows up in the top results. 
  • SEO optimization: This can be a very effective way of reaching consumers. The idea is to weave in a set of keywords depending on the search patterns. This needs the content to be written in a way that the keywords are added to the text in a way that doesn’t look forced but fairly natural.
  • Webinars: In this age when physical seminars have been mostly out of the question, many brands and marketers are holding webinars. Companies give out information about topics that are relevant to the product by getting experts on the panel.


Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Learn Digital Marketing in 2021


Covid-19 hit the marketing and advertising industry in many ways but it has been quick to bounce back with new strategies and innovations. One of the learnings has been that the digital medium is perhaps where all the action can be given that physical events, transactions and marketing opportunities have reduced drastically. So, everything is going online or virtual. This has opened up a whole new world for digital marketing and subsequently created a sea of job opportunities too. 

This is one of the few sectors that offer a wide array of roles. Some of the many positions assigned with digital marketing are: 

  • SEO executive 
  • Digital marketer 
  • Social media manager 
  • Digital marketing analyst. 
  • Content Marketing Writer

This line of work also allows you to work on a freelance basis as a consultant or even set up your consultancy.    

Here are top 10 reasons why you should learn Digital Marketing in 2021 

  1. High demand for digital marketers: While this is an evolving field of marketing, it also comes with a dearth of professionals who are qualified enough to handle this line of work. Therefore, it is the opportune moment to look at this line of study since most companies are looking to hire digital marketers to expand their businesses. The new normal has thrown up fresh challenges and opportunities for those keen to grow their skillset. Digital marketing is definitely a course for them. 
  2. Growing job market: The digital marketing job market is growing rapidly despite the pandemic’s negative impact on hiring and appraisals in most sectors. As per industry reports, job opportunities in digital marketing are set to grow by 25-35% in the next year. It must be noted here that this growth has been steady over the past few years. 
  3. Wide variety of career opportunities: This is perhaps one of the few fields that offer such a wide range of job openings. Apart from the ones mentioned above, digital marketing requires experts too. Some of the senior positions in this field include: 
    • Paid Media Specialist 
    • Digital Media Managers 
    • Brand Marketing Expert 
    • Digital Project Managers
  4. Easy to Start a Career: Companies are looking for digital marketers on an immediate basis. They are now in a hurry to kickstart digital campaigns and promotions. As a result, HR managers are now open to hire graduates with digital marketing specialisations or certifications. A large number of companies now have several openings for digital marketing jobs. 
  5. Great Growth Prospects: Industry watchers say there has been a 63% increase in demand for digital marketers in the last 6 months. This is mainly because the pandemic and the new normal have forced most brands to opt for innovative digital marketing techniques. Among the various positions on offer, the role of the digital marketing specialist has turned out to be the most desired one. Other highly demanding roles include digital account executives, social media managers, digital marketing managers, copywriters and digital strategists. 
  6. Start Your Own Business (or Promote the Existing One): Knowledge about digital marketing techniques can prove to be extremely helpful for entrepreneurs. All businesses need to draw traffic to their sites especially now as eCommerce has turned out to be the safest option to shop. It is necessary to know how to optimize the reach on Mobile as it has been proven that mobile search has become the preferred option as compared to desktop. So, having a mobile-friendly website is a must for every business. Along with this comes the need for SEO optimization.  If you are an entrepreneur, you can also go for pay-per-click ads and promote your products through curating content that can get you more hits. Start-ups need to engage with their consumers more diligently as they have to focus on conversion rate optimization. 
  7. Good Salary Packages: Digital marketing roles are some of the highest paying jobs in a company. This is mainly because these roles require skilled professionals and experts who can come up with innovative and quick resolutions. According to Payscale, the average salary for a digital marketing manager is about Rs 8 lakh. This can be considered to be the benchmark for those starting in this sector. For those with a few more years of experience, the salary can be as high as Rs 18,00,000. 
  8. Gain Entrepreneurial Skills: A digital marketing program can help you to be independently employed. It is a great option for those who want to work from their homes. It allows them to work as per their schedule while managing chores at home. This is also a safe option because even in times of economic instability businesses cannot skip the marketing option. Digital marketers are the ones who are called to provide quick solutions to boost the business with social media and other campaigns.   
  9. Diverse Job Profile: A quick look at the digital marketing job scenario will tell you that the profiles on offer are quite diverse compared to other sectors. The job requirements are also quite challenging and exciting. Digital Marketing Managers are required to plan, organise and execute digital marketing campaigns. They have to manage budgets too along with having a good understanding of SEO, target audience and conversion ratio. The Pay Per Click Analyst is also known as the SEM Analyst and works with his knowledge about the psychology and thought process of why a consumer clicks on a certain post. They manage paid ad campaigns, maintain keywords and use analytical tools. Another important job profile is of the social media marketing manager this role requires the churning of quick campaigns and innovations that can drive traffic to the company site. This person also needs a good understanding of social media marketing tools like Buffer and Buzzsumo. Finally, the Content Manager is tasked with the creation of content that can increase brand awareness, draw traffic and build a positive image of the brand in the market. 
  10. Technical and Creative Field: This is one of the few job profiles that require a pleasant mix of technical and creative work. For instance, a content worker needs to show a good deal of creativity to come up with peppy or reader-friendly content. However, content that does not translate into hits does not work in favour of the firm. This is why this position requires knowledge of the optimum use of keywords and social media tractions to churn out quality write-ups.


Hence, we have now seen how a degree in Digital Marketing can open up several job opportunities. This is a great opportunity to learn emerging modes of marketing. The pandemic has brought a massive shift in which companies use their marketing services and while digital has emerged as the go-to medium of marketing, hiring managers have been on the lookout for professionals skilled in various modes of digital marketing. 

Now that we have come across the exciting world of digital marketing, it is time to find out how and where we can pursue this branch of study. DigiAcharya emerges as one of the best places to pursue a professional diploma in Digital Marketing. The course has turned out to be a popular career choice for both students and professionals. The certificate programs are perfect for marketing professionals who are new to digital marketing, for students who want to secure a career in this stream, small business marketers who are looking to grow their business and digital marketing professionals. 

So, check out the digital marketing course details and register for the program now. This will prove to be a great learning opportunity . 

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