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What is Digital Marketing All About


The world has undergone a sea of change. The way people shop, buy groceries, consume entertainment or read has changed. It has predominantly shifted to digital mediums and how. But with this has come a change in marketing opportunities. Marketers have now accepted that their consumers may no longer be spending 15 minutes daily reading a newspaper or watching TV shows at a dedicated time but they are sure to spend a considerable amount of time-consuming news and entertainment on digital platforms. This is where marketers intend to attract the customers and the avenues are plenty. This is the point where we introduce to you the world of digital marketing. 

Digital marketing refers to the online strategies used to target customers and draw them towards a particular product or service. This method focuses on the consumption patterns of the consumers and their practices online. Digital marketing is also known as “conversational” marketing. It involves methods like social media marketing, paid ads and search engine optimization.    


Is digital marketing a good career?


The world of digital marketing is growing by leaps and bounds and there is no dearth of opportunities there. If you have a keen interest in targeting customers with innovation and creativity you stand a good chance of making a career in digital marketing. The scope of the job profiles is wide and the titles are diverse. These are also well-paying jobs. 

Here are a few popular job titles:

  • Content Strategist
  • Content Marketing Manager
  • SEO Specialist
  • Social Media Manager
  • Paid Ads Manager
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Branded Content Manager.

The digital marketing career has a strong potential for freelance opportunities. There are a set of techniques that one can adopt to set up your own business. You can begin by offering to help a friend or an upcoming business set up their digital marketing strategies. The next step is to spread the word or let your acquaintances know that you have set out on this path. You can also ask for testimonials. It does a great deal to your market value.    

Marketing budgets are increasingly moving to online platforms and companies are on the lookout for skilled people who can improve their visibility online.

Digital marketing jobs also pay you well. The average starting salary of a digital marketing manager is around Rs 5 lakh pa. By the time you are in the middle of your career, the salary should see a rise of 29%. Senior digital marketing officials with considerable experience can expect a 98% hike from the starting salaries.        


8 Steps to Start a Successful Digital Marketing Career


A Digital Marketing career can expand the scope of digital marketing. Digital marketers are responsible for executing marketing campaigns and build brand value. They follow the latest marketing trends, help companies reach a wider audience and promote goods and services using digital channels. An increasing number of companies are seeking the services of digital marketing professionals.         

But how do you become a digital marketer? Here are 8 steps to start a career in Digital Marketing:

1. Start by knowing the basics: Learn about digital marketing tools like data analysis, content marketing, social media marketing and search engine optimization. 

2. Enrol for a digital marketing course: There are some good institutions like DigiAcharya that provide credible and quality courses. 

3. Get Trusted Certification: Certification programs add a lot of value to digital marketing. Institutions like DigiAcharya issue certificate courses in web content creation, email marketing, Google Adwords, web analytics and social media marketing.         

4. Internship Opportunities: There are several corporates that offer internship opportunities to digital marketing students. These provide valuable experience to the students who get a real feel of the responsibilities. 

5. Start as a freelancer: Digital marketing jobs don’t require an office set-up. You can operate from your home as well. This flexibility allows you to work for different companies and clients at the same time and at one’s convenience. This will help you to gather experience and also get a few projects to showcase your expertise.

6. Get Some Experience: This can be achieved either with freelance projects, internship opportunities or stints at digital marketing consulting firms. A few years of experience in your resume can give your career a push because practical knowledge always gives an edge. 

7. Learn how to use digital marketing tools: The scope of Digital Marketing can be widened with the use of a certain number of tools. The knowledge of these tools and their intelligent use can help you make a mark. 

So, what are these tools?

  1. Search Engine Optimization tools: Analytics: There are various platforms to track the traffic coming to your site. You can start with Google Analytics and create your portfolio there. It comes with other Google products like Optimize and Search Console. These help us to know who our audience is, what keywords are working better and what’s our ranking. Keeping an eye on Google Trends is a good way to boost your content. There are some tools like SEMrush that help you with the keywords, its ranking and value. 
  2. Rank Checking tools: You can check how your site ranks on Google Search Console. It is like looking at your site from an outsider’s point of view. 
  3. Backlink Analysis: Backlink trackers like Buzzsumo allows you to find out the most shared backlinks. You can find out where and who shared the links on your site. 
  4. Social Media Listening: These tools help you to find out the social shares of individual pages. Higher social shares do not mean higher traffic but it is a good way to know how your content is performing on social media. 

8. Keep learning & know your updates: With the digital marketing scenario seeing new trends almost every fortnight, it is important to keep yourself updated. You need to keep learning so that you are not left behind. It is not necessary to be the first one to use a new tool but you should keep track of how these are performing. 

Key Learnings

Now that you know that the job profile of a digital marketer is cool and quite attractive it is time to find out where and how can you get the required qualifications. A credible institution can go a long way in helping you build your resume. 

A digital marketing course can help you pick up essential skills like Marketing Communications, Web Marketing, Data Analysis, Strategic Marketing and Paid Media Marketing. 


What does DigiAcharya offer?


DigiAcharya offers a wide range of course modules. Its programme is focused on training students into becoming professionals and entrepreneurs. The curriculum covers all market tactics and secrets. The certifications offered by DigiAcharya hold a considerable amount of value in the industry. 

You will be able to pick up a host of skills:

  • WordPress
  • Introduction to website creation
  • Email Marketing
  • Google Adwords & Advertising and
  • Social Media Marketing.

Apply Now!

Don’t let go of this opportunity to start your digital marketing career. Check out the courses at DigiAcharya and submit your application now. Visit for all the details. 

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