Search Engine Optimization(SEO)


Arrays of innovations are introducing to the digital world every day. To cope up with the competitions in the digital realm, the existing techniques are always getting advanced and updated. The recent updates on Google algorithm are completely to boost the optimization of websites and to improve the search engine rankings. To deal with a good career in SEO, one should be always curious to know what are the changes happening with the technologies and ready to upgrade according to the need of the hour. A Seo training would definitely help you with it.


The recent changes can highly influence Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and following the changes in Google algorithm can increase the search engine traffic. Some major updates in the Google SEO algorithms are:


Google Penguin: Penguin update is primarily focused on reducing the website’s search ranking that violates Google’s guidelines and uses black-hat SEO. The reason for the update is to punish websites that use fraudulent techniques for gaining high search rankings. Penguin is introduced to find out and penalize spam content websites.


Google Hummingbird: The major modifications made in Hummingbird were competence to have a keen eye for mobile marketing, with the profusion of the smartphones in the modern era. The Hummingbird is mainly designed for improved focus on the meaning of a keyword or phrase rather than separate keywords. Hummingbird chooses the entire phrase to interpret the meaning of that phrase.


Fred:  As Google’s recent established updates, Fred aims websites that violate Google’s webmaster guidelines. The majority of suspicious sites include low-quality blog posts that seem to be created typically with the intention of making ad revenue.


Possum: The Possum update guaranteed that local results change in keeping with the searcher’s location i.e., the nearer you are to a business’s address, the more you are to get the local results. It also caused a better variety of result ranking for similar questions.Remarkably, Possum gave an increase to businesses situated outside the city area as well.


Google Panda: Originally, Panda was a filter instead of a part of Google’s ranking algorithm but in January 2016, it was formally combined into the core algorithm. Panda rollouts have become more common, so both penalties and recoveries occur quicker.


All these updates are mainly focusing on preventing fake and duplicate website content and enhancing organic traffic. The professionals must be stay updated on Google’s SEO and algorithm updates. A good SEO training will help you to monitor the latest versions of SEO and algorithms. Enroll with Digiacharya for the best SEO training and have a clear idea about the digital revolutions.

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