Digital Marketing


It is estimated that people spend twice the amount of time on the internet than they did twelve years prior and every new piece of technology and lifestyle choices are developed and modified to facilitate the utilization of the internet. Therefore it is obvious why marketing has adopted a more online approach as opposed to the traditional platforms. With the herald of the era of smartphones, the popularity and functionality of apps have risen and is expected to keep rising as we depend on them across many aspects ranging from productivity to fitness.

There also exist numerous apps that will streamline and augment the tasks of a Digital Marketer and their usage and necessity are also emphasized by Digital Marketing Institutes. SEO, newsletters and social media’s are invariable components for marketing your products online but using these apps will improve the quotient of your efficiency and save on valuable time.


With Hootsuite you can manage all your social media profiles that include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram on a single platform. You can schedule updates across any or all social media’s using Hootsuite’s dashboard. Hootsuite’s real-time analytics helps in developing insights about your marketing strategy and observing new trends on your circle.

Google Analytics app

Google asserts that you can “Turn insights into actions” with Google Analytics app. It tracks and reports the traffic of your brand’s website. Google Analytics dashboard include features that measure your conversion rate and the success of your landing page.


Nimble is rated as the best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) app for social sales. Nimble provides you with smart insights as you augment your relationship with your customers that will yield positive results. Their dashboard also includes a smart search feature that updates itself without manual data entry.


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