Digital Marketing


Marketing automation is a word often thrown around in digital marketing institutes, Some even misunderstand it as a fancy name for email marketing. But, is email marketing all there is to marketing automation? The right digital marketing strategy needs to fit marketing automation into it as a necessary tool for the following purposes.

Generate Data

How to find out your target audience? How to get to your first customer? Once you have a business in place, make use of marketing automation to reach out to the public. Marketing automation lets you accumulate a wealth of data which give insights about the market, customer preferences, and what creates interest in your product or business. This data helps you narrow down your search to your target audience.

Generate Leads

The right place where marketing automation fits in is at the top of the marketing funnel. Marketing automation is best used for creating awareness about your business to prospective buyers and generating an interest in them through direct marketing or similar campaigns.

Design Campaigns

In the right hands, marketing automation tools can design the easiest and most result-oriented campaigns. Most automation tools have a simple interface and let anyone design tailored campaigns to suit the requirements, however; digital marketing institutes offer detailed classes to trainees on how to use automation tools more efficiently.

Measure Campaigns

Marketing automation is one of the best tools to figure out how your marketing efforts are paying off. Suppose your client is planning a promotional sale of kids clothes and accessories, and you’re to find out whether it’s feasible. A direct marketing campaign using marketing automation tools will tell you how many people are actually interested in the sale. If the numbers are quite low, it’s probably a good idea to advise your client of it.


Marketing automation is a handy tool when it comes to digital marketing, however; being aware of the fact that the latter is not limited to the former, will help you achieve the results you’re aiming for.

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