Digital Marketing


The digital media and digital marketing trends change every day.In a fast-changing sector like digital marketing, strategies have to be made in a jiffy. Familiarizing with the trends and SEO training will give you the edge. Here some prevailing trends that you need to keep an eye for

Focus on Facebook and Instagram

Thousands of people are signing into Facebook and Instagram on a daily basis and the popularity of these social networking sites are ever growing. The latest entry to this genus is Snapchat which recently launched a feature which has facial filters equipped with artificial intelligence lenses. Snapchat and its features were welcomed by the netizens but it is still not properly exploited by marketers. Digital marketers should strive to tap this viable market; the prime focus of your digital marketing efforts should be given to Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. These three together hold a major chunk of the online population and would be unwise to ignore them.

Customer service via social network

Almost everyone has a smartphone nowadays and they all are net savvy. There is no better way to reach the customers than social networks. The internet has now become an emergent platform for customer service. According to a recent consumer survey; social media was voted as the top choice for customer queries and service. Social care is a new concept, where companies provide 24-hour multi-channel support by means of social media.

Paid content continues to reign

Social media algorithms are making it difficult for brands to be seen if they strictly publish organic social content. This has made it harder for businesses to promote organic content. The only way to overcome this glitch is have paid SEO friendly content. Engaging and compelling content is highly in demand. Arresting content should be published regularly to ensure brands get their money’s worth whether it is paid or organic.

Social commerce and instant purchases

Social commerce and instant purchases are available on all the social media platforms and social media is recording higher sales across all boards. The power of social media can truly impact a buyer’s attitudes and decisions hence it is only wise to move towards social commerce.

The trends in digital media are changing rapidly and if you wish to succeed in the field you need to be in tune with it.Digi Acharya has the perfect digital marketing curriculum and will help you get acquainted with all the major trends of the digital media.

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