Digital Marketing


Contrary to popular belief, Digital Marketing not only involves marketing strategies that are strictly limited to the internet. It includes approaches that exhaust technology for the sake of marketing and encompasses marketing ideas like electronic billboards and influencer marketing which are not just limited to the internet. On the other hand, Online Marketing only encompasses marketing techniques that involve the internet like pay per click advertisements and video marketing. The differences are not clear as the techniques and approaches seem to overlap both categories. However, both these topics are taught differently at Digital Marketing Institutes in order to stress upon Inbound Marketing.
The primary objective of Inbound Marketing is to groom the public who is unaware of your products and services to a potential customer, garnering positive impression about your brand. This form of marketing would enable you to improve the visibility of your company, market your products among the masses and develop a brand name even when your venture is in its developmental stage.

Digital marketing is aimed at persuading a potential customer to choose your brand over the other whereas inbound marketing aims to attract a casual surfer on the internet and then over a period of time, convert them to legitimate customers and ultimately, a staunch promoter of your brand.

Digital Marketing Institute’s approach to Inbound Marketing in 4 steps.

Identify the right kind of customers that would enable maximum profit and focus on attracting their attention towards your brand through blogging, SEO, and social media.

Since you have attracted potential customers, the next step would be to convince them to buy. Lead them to your website through ‘call to action’ and convert them by providing the necessary information that authenticates the quality and nature of brand in your ‘landing pages’.

Seal the deal by converting the leads that you have developed into customers. CRM and Email Marketing are the approaches that best work here.

Keep engaging with your happy customers and utilize their delight and satisfaction to upsell and promote your products.

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