Big Data


The concept of big data is just as hard as it sounds as it involves an intense amount of volume, variety, and variability. A Huge amount of market, survey or research data cannot be simply processed with the on-hand database because the collection could be both structured and unstructured. A better understanding for this can be provided by digital marketing courses.

IBM stated that 90% of the data worldwide has been created in the last two years. Big data is not restricted to data that is available from governments and businesses. This includes basically everything. Status from Instagram, tweet shares, the thing you watched on TV etc. The biggest contributor to big data is social media and the way big data has used it is impressive.

Traditionally, both external and internal marketing teams struggle when it comes to understanding the customer. With digital marketing, customers are leaving traces of their activity that can be conveniently tracked using analytics.

Real-time action

Real-time action is the best gifts you get from big data. You can make changes while your marketing campaign is going on. You don’t need to wait till the results of the campaign to arrive, to make changes in the next campaign.

When it comes to cost-effectiveness, big data plays a big role in it. You already have the data in hand and no longer need to wait for the results of the current campaign to restrategize. With real-time action, you can correct the mistake at the exact moment and save lots of money in the process. Similarly, there are areas where big data helps you save a lot of capital.

Big data is cracking its way into the success picture of a business. With the ongoing momentum, it is flourishing like anything.

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