Digital Marketing


Like any other worldly entity, digital marketing too comes with pros and cons. Digital marketing undoubtedly ushers success and profit to the business and having a clear idea about the glitches of it helps you to mitigate the cons to a great extent.


Digital marketing cuts your marketing costs beyond your imagination. Considering its reach and speed, the charge one pays is less. Digital media and digital marketing are altering and evolving every second unlike the stagnant traditional media like print and television. Similarly, with digitization and development of software, one is requisite to get into fundamentals like printing, shooting etc. The reach and coverage of digital media are profound and extensive, be it a website or social media posts. The cyber world is borderless and can reach anywhere in this universe. Another interesting and advantageous trait of digital marketing is that the content once posted is available round the clock 365 days.

The sector of digital media marketing is all about doing the right things at the right time in the right measures. Therefore a candidate with the proper qualification in the form of a degree or diploma in digital media marketing and a course in SEO marketing can exhaust marketers much better.


The internet revolution has made digital media and digital content accessible to a major part of demography, but there still millions of potential customers residing in the digital gap with no access to the internet. If your company or product caters to the middle class and lower middle class, there is a possibility of you not penetrating the market properly with just digital marketing. The internet remains to an interesting and threatening phenomenon which hides within its lowest point some faces bitter realities of treachery, cheating and fakes tracing. The latest is identity loss and identity thefts which can deface the status of the best laid-out marketing strategy and planner.

The digital messages mostly lack human feeling; therefore a marketer has to take extra effort to make the marketing message appear human and to convey your real self in it. The other disadvantage in digital marketing is that you could spoil your reputation by posting hateful content on key sites. Mitigating and erasing such a blemish needs skilled guidance which consumes time, patience, money.

Above mentioned are some of the basic advantages and disadvantages you could encounter while pursuing digital media marketing. You can transform your future by enrolling for a digital marketing course. Join Digiacharya our digital marketing courses and ensure a promising future.

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