Digital Marketing


In this information age, digital marketing has taken the centre stage of the marketing industry. 3.5 billion searches are made on Google on a daily basis.

In the chaotic world of digital marketing, to know how exactly to create and use a digital strategy is a daunting task. Every organization needs to customize their digital marketing strategy according to their business and circumstances. A proper digital marketing training is required to conceive and execute a digital marketing plan; nevertheless here are a few foundations for building a digital marketing strategy that can be applied to any business.

Digital Principles

Just like business principles and marketing principles, every brand needs digital principles. Have a good understanding of your products, your digital marketing channels, objectives and then create statements and strategies that align with your brand. Doing so will help you find better ways to deliver your business goals and marketing messages. A sound digital strategy only stems from well-crafted digital principles.

Digital Ecosystem Map

Create a visual map that depicts the digital channel where your users are active, digital channels you are active in and what those users seek from that channel. Framing such a map will help you redefine your digital goals, to find the pathways between channels and to measure success effectively.

Data and Insights

Making a solid strategy is not about collectively all the possible data. The humongous data collected will only be helpful when we are able to derive insights from it. There are many websites and tools available online to help you strain the data and narrow down to the useful information. Google Analytics or tools like Sprout, Sysomos can be used for qualitative and quantitative analysis of data.


All the digital marketing strategies, tools, and techniques narrow down to the quality of the content. Users always expect great content from brands. To deliver business goals effectively strong, compelling and persuasive content is required. The function of the content is not just to inform, but to convince the consumers to act in business’ favour.

Governance of the campaign

The digital marketing campaign does not end at the execution of the plan; it should also address the governance of the campaign. While strategizing the campaign a governance model has to be conceived to manage and govern the campaign.

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