Digital Marketing


here are many details that should be scrutinized and considered while framing a digital marketing plan. Here is a step by step outline of the strategies and components to be followed when you craft your strategy. This is, in fact, the primary lesson in digital marketing training.

Your target customer

If you know your target customers like the back of your hand but it helps you a great deal when you are creating your marketing plan. Develop customer Personas which goes beyond the general demographic descriptions into detailed descriptions. Having a concrete data about the customer and their buying pattern can be helpful in identifying opportunities to reach out to all the consumers.

Your buying cycle

Every organization is well aware of their sales cycle and it should be the same about buying cycle. Be sure to account for the different steps in the cycle and your logistics strategy as you plan your marketing strategy.  Find strategies and solutions to drive additional low-funnel traffic. Have a good understanding of ‘what worked’ and ‘what did not’; consider these insights as you move forward. Identifying your strengths and weaknesses allows you to uncover opportunities.


Analyzing the competition and identifying the strength and weaknesses of competitors gives you a great advantage and the edge. The basic three questions you need to ask yourself before strategizing are

What are they doing that you aren’t?

What are they doing better?

How are they messaging their value proposition?


There is no strategy without goals. In fact, the strategy is made to achieve the goals. You have to understand the business objectives and the digital marketing tools and resources at your disposal before you outlining the digital marketing goals.


Any effort is determined success or failure by measuring and analyzing the results. Therefore this is a crucial step and strategic element of digital marketing. Proper ways to measure audience response in digital media should be decided and installed while framing the strategy.

Channels & tactics

This stage involves deciding the channels through which the digital marketing messages would be assimilated. Know which channel to be employed and how the channel will support the overall goals.


Identify and locate the resources needed to roll out the plan. For a glitch free execution of the plan, define responsibilities to each person involved and allocate work.

Proper training and experience are required to strategize an exemplary digital marketing plan. The digital marketing training offered at Digiacharya makes you adept at planning and execution of a digital marketing strategy.

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