Digital Marketing


The term digital marketing is omnipresent these days. Every business and promotional activities revolve around this field. One should be living under a rock if he is not familiar with the term. For such oblivious people and the ones who want to know more about digital marketing; here is a step by step introduction. Read on to take your first step towards digital marketing training.

What is digital marketing?

In simple words, digital marketing is the process of promoting brands or products by means of the electronic media. The platforms that enable digital marketing are mobile phones, world-wide-web, digital displays or any other digital medium. The internet is a converging spot for all the digital media, therefore a good percent of digital marketing happens on the internet.

Types of digital marketing

Digital marketing is a collective term that comprises of various ways and techniques to hook the potential customer.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO

SEO is a process to optimize the content of a site to improve its ranking on the search engine results. This feat is achieved by executing various methods such as keyword research, keyword integration, analytics, link building, site structuring, and content delivery.

Social Media Marketing or SMM

As the name goes SMM involves promoting a brand or the product in social media. In this internet age, social media is the right way to address the potential consumer. The brands can easily draw in the traffic, build brand image, and generate leads to the business via social media. When it comes to SMM Facebook is the king followed by Twitter, Pinterest, and Linkedln.

Pay-Per-Click or PPC

Pay-per-click is a digital marketing strategy to direct traffic to our site. You can market your content along with the content of a publisher and you should pay each time your ad is clicked. In pay-per-click you only need to pay according to the number of times your ad is viewed.

Email Marketing

Email communication is so common these days; therefore email marketing is the right way to go. Email marketing reaches a large demography and it enables easy audience targeting. Marketing messages can be quickly and easily send via E-mail to a segregated audience without much effort or high production cost.

Thus we saw a general gist of digital marketing and its components. Having an understanding of digital marketing can help you in the long run as it is a field of humongous opportunities and lucrative salaries. To pursue this career dream you can join our digital marketing training.

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