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It is the time to update your resume. Five years back digital marketing jobs in India were far from the mainstream. Indian business was immovable with traditional marketing and was not ready to change. Furthermore, constructing digital marketing career was not predicted. The demand for digital marketing jobs led to the emergence of digital marketing course and digital marketing institutes.

Let’s have a look at various digital marketing career options.

  1. Chief experience officer

CXO or Chief Experience Officer is one of the latest executives to join the C-suite. He or she is charged with controlling top practices in design and user experience to achieve market share. Increasing broad skills at the junction of marketing and technology is vital to understanding the development of customer experiences.

  1. Mixed-reality designer

Mixed Reality (MR) is the hybrid of both Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Mixed Realityjoinsnumerous types of technologies such as sensors, advanced optics, and next generation computing power.Mixed Reality has given businesses and enterprises the opportunity to generate remarkable, interactive marketing campaigns.

  1. VR editor

Virtual reality or 360-degree video is a mostly unexplored medium that doesn’t help from the well-established traditional video. Directors, editors and visual effects artists all have a powerful opportunity to add to the growth of VR and 360-degree video.

  1. Data scientist

A data scientist needs some prescribed math education and usually a combination of statistics, linear algebra, and calculus. Deep analytics necessitates the use of complex data processing techniques and involves sophisticated inquiries on unstructured data sets to yield approaching in near real time.

  1. Voice skills developer

By 2020,50 percent of search will be voice activated and, going into 2018, the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Voice Search is boosting up. By the rise in sales of AI growth has been increased in personal assistants such as Amazon’s Echo – Alexa, Google Home, and Cortana.

  1. Hologram retail display designer

Experts in the promising field of holographic retail design will have to focus on various ways to characterize a product or service. Creativity is of highest significance apart from computer science and design skills.

  1. Machine-learning engineer

We reside in an algorithmic world. Therefore, machine learning (ML) is going to be important to marketing to deliver appropriate content. Post-graduate in math, statistics, and physics are the best to lead a career as machine learning.

So, if you are ready to change your career as a digital marketer, join Digiacharya’s digital marketing Institute for an improved digital marketing course.

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