Search Engine Optimization(SEO)


Understanding how to rank your website on the first page of Google will help you to achieve a safe stand in the digital realm. The numerous tools and algorithms used by Google determine the order that websites are showed in search results. If you wish to be a website developer creating a high ranking website, then you must know the basics of how Google works on a website ranking.

Figuring out SEO strategies and techniques used to increase the search ranking will help you to create good websites.  Some simple steps which enable you to create a website that Google will place on the first page are:

Easy loading: When you develop a webpage, try to create the page as easy loading because a slow-loading website will result in ranking lower in search engines. Make the websites more mobile-friendly so that the user can load the site up on their smartphone. The mobile-friendly website makes it easy to read and use on a smartphone, reducing excess effort.

Strong backlinks:  Link building is the most vital and challenging task in SEO strategy. The fact is, without good quality backlinks, your website will not get high rank for competitive and traffic keywords.The website with strong and significant backlinks will eventually rank over the rest.  Also, backlinks offer a way for people to find other information sources on the similar or related topics. So, create a good backlink.

Create authentic content: Your website will be ranked down if you are using duplicate content over many pages of your site and you will be docked for plagiarizing someone else’s content. Hence, create quality content with correct grammar and spelling because Google likes to see lots of text with proper rules.

Give title tag with keyword: You service or product may be right on the Google search results page with the suitable keyword, generating a high amount of traffic to your website. On the contrary, an unsuitable keyword can make your site’s chance towards importance more distant than ever.Fill your title with the keyword so that it will hold greater weight with Google.

Websites have a crucial role in business recognition and to keep a brand name safe in the industry. It is essential that your website should be related to the user’s search standards. So, only an expert or well-trained person can create high ranked websites for businesses. Join Digiacharya’s SEO training course for leading a great career as a good SEO specialist.

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