1. Enrollment for the course, together with payment of the required deposits or first Installment of fees creates a binding agreement to follow the course and pay the full fees, Even if a student subsequently decide not to complete courses further no refund can be made as a space has been committed to the student for the duration of the programme and the professional Vocational Training Centre will not entertain any request for refund.
    2. The professional Vocational Training Centre offers tuition a ‘percourse’ basis and not based on numbers of hours of instruction which may vary, the Professional Vocational Training Centre further require all students to attend lectures, classes, test and to submit written work as assigned by lecturers and tutors regularly, no classes will be scheduled on public holidays.
    3. Student will be charged a late fee in addition to the fee balance as ondate.
    4. The students will be liable for all legal expenses incurred in recovering late or non-payment of tuition fee on an indemnity basis.In the event of such legal action taken by the training centre against you, the Professional Vocational Training Centre reserves the right to claim the full amount due from the student.
    5. The Professional Vocational Training Centre reserves the right to instruct a student to leave the course at any stage if the student fails to fulfill the above requirements or if a student’s continued presence would, in the opinion of the Professional Vocational Training Centre be deter mental to the well-being of the students and the staff in general.There fund of fees of an excluded student is wholly at the discretion of the Professional Vocational Training Centre.
    6. The Student shall indemnify the professional vocational training centre for any loss or damages occurred as a result of his/her negligence or will ful misconduct during practical visits or during the process of training.
    7. If student changes his/her course of study during the term, no refund will be given for the revised courses if the number of subjects involves less than that for which original enrollment was accepted,additional fees will be changed if the change involves an increase in the number of subject over that of the original enrollment.
    8. TheProfessional Vocational Training Centre Reserves the right to cancel a course on two weeks notice prior to the commencement date of the course where upon any fees paid will be refunded in full.
    9. The Professional Vocational Training Centre reserves the right to withdraw a subject up to four weeks after commencement date. If it is considers that the subject is not viable where upon an alternative subject will be offered or a pro- rated of the course fees given.
    10. The professional Vocation Training centre also reserves the right to vary the subjects offered,the time-table programmes scheduled and teaching staff so as to provide better service to the students.
    11. All notes/handouts, class videotapes and other materials given to students are the intellectual property right of The Professional Vocational Training Centre and are given registered students of the class as consideration for enrollment who agree to respect the intellectual property right of the professional vocational training centre.
    12. By Becoming the students of DigiAcharya/signingthisApplication,you are termed to have accepted with free and full consent all the agreements and contract between you and the institution.And that you have also agreed and accepted all contracts and agreements concluded between DigiAcharya and Other Institution/Companies, for the betterment of the course for which you have registered yourself.
    13. In case the students discontinue the course at any stage or he/she has been dismissed from the course, the fees once paid by him/her will not be refunded. If the students is paying the fees in parts, the only after the payment of full fees of the course he/she shall be relieved from the course.
    14. The Student, by filing and duly signing in this application,states and declares his consent to abide by all the rules and regulation framed by the institution which may be amended from time to time for the betterment of the course / studentcommunity.
    15. The institution reserves the right to make new policy and take decisions at any time for the betterment of the course/student community.
    16. The student is expected to follow utmost discipline in both inside and outside the campus, failing which he/she shall be liable to the dismissed from course immediately.
    17. DigiAcharya does not guarantee placement for students.
    18. As DigiAcharya is not under UGC, its courses are not approved by UGC.



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