Course Overview

Course Duration : 90 Hours

The Digital Marketing course at DiGiAcharya is designed to authenticate you as a digital marketing professional, permitting you to confront business challenges in terms of technological advancement. This course is designed for students, corporate professionals, and entrepreneurs who want to gain knowledge about ongoing and emerging 3 T’s of digital marketing, i.e., Tactics, Tools and Techniques. With a strong emphasis on providing all market advanced techniques and innovative strategies, the curriculum of this Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing Course at DigiAcharya is curated by seasoned academics and industry experts.
DigiAcharya’s comprehensive digital marketing course covers all of the broad areas that fall under the Digital Marketing umbrella.

Our program is suitable for

To pursue python programming with DigiAcharya, all you need is to have qualified for your higher secondary education (12th) with at least 50%. Professionals looking to upskill can also pursue python programming with us. Python is one of the most useful languages to know in a tech-driven world, so you need to have the thirst and capacity to learn this important language.

Newbies to digital marketing

• Professionals interested in pursuing a career in digital marketing

• Entrepreneurs for small businesses seeking to expand

Course Module


Python tools can be convenient for many different purposes if you know how to use them right.


SciPy. Automation Testing Python tools.




Robot Framework

What skills you will gain

Email Marketing

Google AdWords and Advertising

Web Analytics

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Marketing

Career Roles

Python Programming Course from Digi Acharya allows the candidates to explore a new world of enormous opportunities. With this course, one can keep upskilling and aim at the top-most government or private institutions worldwide.

Choose a job as a Web Developer in a renowned institution

Be a Python Developer for a business chain

Get ready to be a Software Engineer with public or private sectors

Opt for a data analyst job under the IT sector of banks

Enrol Now to become a certified Python Programmer and broaden your resume!

Enrol Now to become a certified Python Programmer and broaden your resume!