Digital marketing strategy- A step-by-step guide

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There are many details that should be scrutinized and considered while framing a digital marketing plan. Here is a step by step outline of the strategies and components to be followed when you craft your strategy. This is, in fact, the primary lesson in digital marketing training. Your target customer If you know your target… Read more »

Trends in Social Media Marketing

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Digital Marketing Institute-DigiAcharya

Digital media is dynamic and ever evolving; marketing trends change every minute according to the changing digital media trends. Therefore it is very important to have a good understanding of digital media and to get digital marketing training if you wish to be in-sync with these changes and to survive in the turbulent and highly… Read more »

Future trends in Digital Media

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Future trends in Digital Media-DigiAcharya

The digital media and digital marketing trends change every day.In a fast-changing sector like digital marketing, strategies have to be made in a jiffy. Familiarizing with the trends and SEO training will give you the edge. Here some prevailing trends that you need to keep an eye for Focus on Facebook and Instagram Thousands of… Read more »

Benefits for an Entrepreneur being Expert in Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing Training Institute

Digital marketing has become an integral and crucial part marketing strategy. In our ever-evolving digital marketplace, only well-structured digital marketing can take the business to prodigious growth and success. Here are some advantages an entrepreneur can achieve by having a whiff of knowledge in digital marketing and SEO training. No need to outsource Digital marketing… Read more »

Marketing automation and Digital Marketing

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Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a word often thrown around in digital marketing institutes, Some even misunderstand it as a fancy name for email marketing. But, is email marketing all there is to marketing automation? The right digital marketing strategy needs to fit marketing automation into it as a necessary tool for the following purposes. Generate Data… Read more »

Using new apps for digital marketing

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It is estimated that people spend twice the amount of time on the internet than they did twelve years prior and every new piece of technology and lifestyle choices are developed and modified to facilitate the utilization of the internet. Therefore it is obvious why marketing has adopted a more online approach as opposed to… Read more »

Inbound marketing vs Digital marketing: Breaking myths

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Inbound Marketing Vs. Digital Marketing

Contrary to popular belief, Digital Marketing not only involves marketing strategies that are strictly limited to the internet. It includes approaches that exhaust technology for the sake of marketing and encompasses marketing ideas like electronic billboards and influencer marketing which are not just limited to the internet. On the other hand, Online Marketing only encompasses… Read more »

Cracking Big Data for Digital Marketing Success

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Digital Marketing Success

The concept of big data is just as hard as it sounds as it involves an intense amount of volume, variety, and variability. A Huge amount of market, survey or research data cannot be simply processed with the on-hand database because the collection could be both structured and unstructured. A better understanding for this can… Read more »